Teachers Share The Worst Thing About Their Job

Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs there is. Teachers are on the front line of education, trying to make sure that every kids fulfills their potential and comes out of school with the grades they deserve. The problem is that teaching is a hard job and those doing it don’t get anywhere near enough credit… or enough pay! To help understand what it is that makes this a difficult role, we’ve heard from thirteen teachers who’ve shared the worst thing about their job. Take a look, and if you’re a teacher, feel free to comment and share your worst (or your favorite) thing about what you do for a living.

Teachers Share The Worst Thing About Their Job

This must be difficult to see happening.


Parents need to care about their kids’ education.


But, they shouldn’t put too much pressure on children, as there are all sorts of good jobs out there.


Having to teach to a test, while knowing you’re not giving a well-rounded education, must be a little soul-destroying.


We can only imagine how tough this is!


Knowing your teacher cares can make a huge difference.


As a teacher, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re pandering to fee-paying parents.


It must be hard to let go of your personal biases.


Sometimes parents need to back off just a little!


In this day and age, people shouldn’t be judged for having a tattoo.


Just imagine having to do this…


Homework should be about learning, not necessarily about it being perfect.


Teachers need to feel supported!

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