Employees Reveal Why They Quit Their Jobs Without Telling Their Boss

When you’ve decided to quit your job, you are expected to give resignation letter to your boss ahead of time. It’s a workplace protocol to submit notice prior to your resignation. But, this resignation etiquette isn’t observed all the time. Some employees opt for a no-call no-show attitude when they leave their jobs. Here we have a list of images where employees reveal why they quit their jobs, without telling their bosses!

When your body betrays you…

Where’s the justice?

Too many heartbreaks in a single day.

Panic attacks come at the worst times.

We don’t have that power.

It’s time to reevaluate your job.

No one deserves this.

A little consideration can go a long way.

Hopefully they understand… 

Justice is impossible if no one trusts you.

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The message is clear this time.

Not my lucky day today.

Too scared to face your fears.

Books can drift you away from reality.

The dilemma of many working students.

As simple as that.

Honesty within the workplace encourages sense of trust.

Realizing it from the start.

The woes of a part-timer.

Unhealthy working environments are bad for you.