First Day Of School Anxieties Shared By Worried Parents

The first day of school can be a scary time for both the parent and the child. The lead up to this time is where a lot of anxieties may take place. Of course, this is entirely natural. That being said, here are some first day of school anxieties shared by worried parents… 

#1 Don’t beat yourself up too much! These things happen…

#2 Well, at least he wants to be independent. See the positive. 

#3 A mother would always be a mother no matter what.

#4 Some might never understand this until they become parents themselves.

#5 That’s exiting! I’m sure the class will make him feel special. 

#6 Oh the pressure is on!

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#7 When two important events happen at the same time. What to expect?

#8 Just let your daughter explore and learn. She’ll be fine.

#9 The good thing with this is when you share the same sentiment at the end of the day. Such a sweet little girl.

#10 It sounds like we’ve got one proud papa. 

#11 Only parents will relate to this kind of struggle.

#12 The first day is usually the hardest but you’ll get through it. Everything will be fine, eventually!

#13 When separation anxiety starts, there’s just no way you can’t feel the sadness. 

#14 Food in his belly and a roof over his head is more important than a hair cut. There will be other opportunities!

#15 Sometimes, you just have to let them go no matter how hard the situation is.

Now what about you, do you have your own story of first day anxieties? We’d like to hear from you. Feel free to comment below.