11 Reasons Why Dana Scully Should Be Your Role Model


In this day and age where women are generally encouraged by the media to value their looks over their brains, people of all genders need some kickass female role models to show us how it's done. And, what better role model than Dana Scully from The X-Files. The show returned to our screens in 2016 and we collectively remembered why she was and still is one of the best TV characters of all time. If you need convincing, check out these eleven reasons why Scully should be your role model!


She found Mulder's theories tiring and let him know about it.


But she could still come up with some theories of her own that were crazy enough to leave Mulder speechless.



She was never afraid to second-guess Mulder when he got too out-there.


She was the best at being sassy.


Yup… still with the sass.


She was smart and insightful enough to read a person like a book.


She was queen of the eye roll.


And had the best expressions in general.


She beat cancer and went back out there to be badass AF.


She was a successful woman in a male-dominated field.


And she didn't take guff from anyone!

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