Derrick Lin Turns Everyday Work Frustrations Into Miniature Works Of Art


As adults, we're expected to take everyday work frustrations on the chin, without whingeing or complaining. Derrick Lin works in advertising, an industry he describes on BoredPanda as "hectic and unpredictable". Lin, while trying not to let stress get the better of him, has found a unique way of expressing his angst at the annoying little moments in his agency life. He's turned those moments into miniature scenes, using his iPhone camera and miniature figures. The scenes, which are all captioned so we know what's going on, depict his honest thoughts about daily situations that frustrate us at work. Check it out! 

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It's impossible to get our co-workers attention when they wear headphones.


Monday comes too soon when we worked the whole weekend.


We think permanent markers should be banned from rooms with white boards.


A day trip to see a client is practically a night trip when you have to get up at 4am.


It's nice to know that our co-workers have our back.


No matter how much we rehearse, we still get nervous before a big presentation.


Sometimes we just want to toss everything and not care about it.


We are up in the air before the sun comes up.



Can't believe we still have to come to work when it's this cold.


Sometimes it takes a lot of ideas to be noticed.


It is extremely difficult to get a cab in New York City.


Sometimes it pays to recycle good ideas.


It's great when people accept our meeting invites, even better when they show up!


We are not ready to wrestle with Monday yet.


When the client says "I'll call you right back" we are stranded at our desks.


Nail salon…who has time for that?

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