Bonding with your kids is super important. However, it can be hard to think of creative ideas. Children tend to get bored really easily so it’s great to have a list of projects in your mind that you can pull out at any time. Here we have some great suggestions for wonderful hand made things you can create with your kids. Lots of them are great for giving to other people as personalized gifts! Furthermore, these ideas won’t break the bank. Take a look! 

Popsicle Stick Coasters

You can either buy these in packs or simply collect them every time your child eats a popsicle! Color in the sticks then glue them together as shown in the image below. 

Ring Holder

Using some polymer clay and a tennis ball, your child could create an adorable ring holder in the shape of their hand. Here are further instructions

Personalized Mugs

All you need here are some ceramic paints, a plain mug and some creativity! Let your imagination run wild! 

Salty Dough Magnets

Help your child to prepare some salty dough. Use cookie cutters to make shapes and then paint them! Once dried, glue magnets on to the backs and you’re done! 

Knitted Rug

This project takes a little more time and skill than the ones we’ve seen so far but the results are so worth it! Using a hula hoop and some thick threads, you can work with your child to create a masterpiece. Further help can be found here

Key Ring

Fix some wire on to a key ring and let your child decorate. Secure the other end and you’ve got an adorable key ring! As an alternative to wire, you could use pipe cleaners. 

Wind Chimes

If you’ve got a hoard of unused and unneeded keys, why not make a creative wind chime with your little one?

Fingerprint Pendants

Fashion some hearts out of clay then press your thumbprints in firmly so that they leave impressions. Make a hole that a key ring can go through, then place the pendants in the oven (without the metal rings). Paint and decorate however you please and then add to your keys or on to a necklace! 


Using some glue and fabric paint, you can have some fun decorating pillows! More details can be found here

Candle Holders

Using some coarse salt, glue and food dye, you could replicate these awesome candle holders! More details can be found here


To make a personalized candle, you’ll need some markers, tissue paper and a hairdryer. Or, you can just draw directly onto a candle. Here are the steps. 

Beach Bag

Using just a potato and some acrylic paint, you can make an awesome beach bag! Instructions here

Bath Salts

Bath salts are so easy to make! All you need are some essential oils, sea salt and some food dye. To see more detailed instructions, click here


If you’re little ones like to get messy or help out in the kitchen, why not let them decorate their own apron? A plain apron and some fabric paint is all you need, however, you can get creative using your hands or other things to stamp designs on. 

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