This Elephant Mug Holds Your Tea Bag For You When You’re Finished Brewing

You probably maintain a ritual every morning or evening. And you’re pairing that with green tea. If that’s the case, what’s better than an elephant mug with tea bag compartment?

So, you may have become a hoarder of mugs. Well, you could probably use more mugs in a week. Inevitably, though, an elephant mug requires some big room. You probably want to prepare to have it.

elephant cup

So, what makes this mug so cool? Well, after letting the tea bag brew in hot water, you can take it. Put it in the tea bag holder above the head. It’s designed to hold that tea bag. Yes, this is so much better than rushing to the garbage so you won’t leave drippings on the floor! It’s probably a good addition to your household maintenance hacks, too!

Thought you already had a favorite mug? This elephant mug with tea bag compartment could be your next go-to!

elephant mug with tea bag compartment
Elephant Tea Mug

With a capacity of 10 ounces of liquid, this elephant mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Intentionally, it looks distressed. Actually, its description says it has a pottery relic. Get yours here.