Unusual Beauty Tips And Tricks To Try At Home


There are millions of beauty tips and tricks on the internet, but which ones are the right ones to try? We’re not saying that we’ve got the definitive list of beauty tips here, in fact, we’ve picked out some of the more weird and wonderful ones, but what we do know is that these ones do work! Some of these tips are great to speed up your beauty regime, whereas others are useful if you’ve run out of a certain product, and others yet may just give you a new technique to try out. There’s a whole range of tricks here, so you’re sure to find something useful to fit in with your beauty regime, no matter how high or low maintenance.

Clear up your skin using tea tree oil.

Find out how to lighten your hair at home without bleach!


Use petroleum jelly overnight for ridiculously soft feet.

You can use Pepto Bismol to reduce spots and generally improve your skin.

Here’s how to make your lips look bigger in just three minutes!


Run out of liquid eyeliner? Use mascara and a brush in a pinch.

Find out how to use makeup to make your eyes appear bigger.


Or to make them appear smaller…


If you need to dry fake tan or get your makeup to set, just blast yourself with a hairdryer!

Glitter can cover up a manicure that’s growing out. Cute!

Use strobing to highlight your face and get that glowing look.


It’s amazing what a blow dryer can do when it comes to getting huge, wavy hair.

Contour your chest for more visible cleavage.

Learn how to cut the perfect side-swept bangs!


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