This Young Girl’s Scars Are Being Covered Over With Special Tattoos


Dr. Basma Hameed has developed an amazing new tattoo treatment which actually camouflages scarring. This breakthrough is set to help so many people who previously felt they had little hope. These photos are of 17-year-old Samira Omar who was the victim of a horrifying attack while living in the U.K for a while. Four of her supposed 'friends' beat her up and doused her in boiling water which resulted in Samira's skin peeling off and the pigment being lost. She also suffered considerable scarring on her neck.

When Samira returned to her native Canada, she met Dr. Hameed who by using paramedical tattooing treatments over a period of months, will actually hide her scars permanently! Dr. Hameed knows only too well how upsetting and painful living with scars can be as she was herself scalded by hot oil as a toddler. When after almost 100 procedures, she was told she was unable to be helped, the doctor discovered cosmetic tattooing and since then has offered hope to scarring-sufferers everywhere. Samira has been shown how to use scar-concealing makeup to give her confidence while she waits to heal some more to begin her treatment, which the doctor is providing for free! What an amazing and courageous pair of women! Take a look!
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