YouTuber Creates Amazing Holograms Using A CD case And A Smartphone


Awesomely creative YouTuber 'Mrwhosetheboss' has created the stuff that geeky dreams are made of, a way of turning your smartphone into a 3D video viewer. And you haven't heard the best yet…a 3D holographic video viewer! Yes that's right, with this special device, you can watch a hologram-ready video on your phone and actually see a hologram in your own room!


All that's needed is a ruler, tape, graph paper, a knife and an old CD case and by following Mrwhosetheboss video… you can harness the power of hologram creation for yourself! How the videos work is that they play exactly the same images from four separate directions, this reflects in the gadget created from the CD case and that's it! Of course an old CD case will never give you an actual 3D hologram as you need laser beams for that, however this method is a pretty cool substitute. A must see! 

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