Things You’ll Understand If You’ve Been Single For More Than A Year

If you’re happy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single, but if you’ve been without a partner for a while, you’ll notice that people sometimes treat you differently, and start talking to you in weird and wonderful platitudes. What’s even up with that?! These are fifteen things that you’ll definitely understand if you’ve been single for more than a year. Check it out!

People start giving you bizarre advice on finding a partner.

All your married friends try to set you up on dates with other single people they know!

PDA has simply become the worst.

You get oddly optimistic when a friend invites you on a night out!

There’s always some jerk who says, ‘There must be something you’re doing wrong’.

When people complain about being single for a couple of months…

You have a bittersweet experience when you find out that your last single friend has found a partner. 

You start to realize that your probably single because everybody else sucks!

Every now and then you start to think that it will never happen for you.

People say you must be ‘too fussy’, but you know you just have standards.

At some point, you realize that you no longer understand dating!

Your flirting skills are now so rusty that you’ve had some super awkward encounters.

You start to get fleeting crushes on pretty much everyone you meet!

The sight of happy couples everywhere is, just a little bit, annoying!

But, actually, you’ve had so many bad dates that you’re glad to be single!

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