There are many things that make a relationship work and keep it going strong. Many people when thinking about this would be quick to list love and trust among the most important. Of course, this is very much true! However, one thing we think keeps a relationship happy and interesting is the ability to make each other laugh. After all, what’s better after you’ve had a terrible day than coming home to a loved one who makes you laugh uncontrollably? Here we have a list of images showing the hilarious pranks and antics between various couples. Take a look!

A different kind of ’50 Shades Of Grey’!

A witty wife asked her husband to change the air filter…

An air freshener with an awesome difference!

This person put their partner’s number on some posters and then waited for the calls to roll in!

Preferring Pepsi over Coca Cola is not permitted in this household.

When you really can’t be bothered to do the dishes.


funny-couples empty fudge rounds


This person’s wife said she wanted a new hobby. If only we could’ve see her reaction!

Be careful when you ask for a generic birthday party…

This prank never gets old!

Who needs a guard dog these days?

Not what you’d expect when being given a heart shaped pancake!

This is such a fun idea! Minus the fart pillow…

We bet the confusion was strong here.

The people responsible for these photos have really nailed how to be hilarious. We imagine many of these pranks were met with furious and irritated partners, but, once the initial feelings died down we reckon they couldn’t help but laugh! One thing’s for sure, some of these people are really brave and must be very comfortable and secure in their relationships! We want to thank these people for sharing their hilarious antics with the internet, they provide some fantastic inspiration for the rest of us. Keep going to see more pranks!

A funny photo to look back on but the lady giving birth would probably have been fuming at the time!

Laser hair removal on a budget.

When you’re told to wear a plain tie…

Well played!

When you’re told to take pictures that remind you of your pregnant other half…

We love this! So cheeky. 

When you don’t specify that you want your sandwich cut straight down the middle… 

We bet that guy’s laughter filled the whole room.

Just what you want to see when getting in the shower!

When you say you want a ‘toasty shower’…

How to irritate your short partner who hates pranks…

You can just about see the man smiling at himself! 

Who doesn’t love a bit of analytical conversation? Great coupon!

This guy’s partner vowed she would never fart in front of him. But, it happened, so he got her this…