These Cakes Are Almost Too Cute To Eat


If your love of cake is surpassed only by your love of cute things, then you are going to die when you see these awesome creations! All these precious cakes were made by Lyndsay from Coco Cake Land, whose cake decorating skills are making us green with envy. They're so adorable that you almost wouldn't want to eat them. But, of course, it's cake, so we would! If you're lucky enough to live in Vancouver, where Coco Cake Land is based, we urge you to put in an order for your next birthday or celebration. 

Website: Coco Cake Land


For the person who has always wanted their own Totoro.


This would make an adorable kid's birthday cake.


This pineapple is too awesome for words!


The cutest cupcakes!


Obey the panda.


This pair of Octonauts cakes is incredible.


The perfect recipe for a wild birthday.



Eek! We can't get over this kitty cake.


For that cheeky monkey in your life.


This fox is ridiculously cute.


We so wish we had been invited to this party.


Bunnies galore!

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