12 Customers Trolled By A Fake Customer Service Rep


While people used to complain about perceived bad service over the phone, via email, or even in person, many people are taking to Facebook to complain these days. This is a double edged sword. Some people think that the company may respond more favorably if the complaint is out there for anyone to see, but it does leave you open to attack from people such as Ben Palmer. What Palmer did is actually very funny, if a tiny bit mean. He set up a Facebook profile under the name “Customer Service” and tried to get in there and respond to people’s complaints on Facebook before the real company did. His responses, however, weren’t exactly by the book. These are just 15 of the annoying customers he trolled in the most hilarious way. Prepare to laugh until your sides hurt!

Website: Customer Service

Okay, we understand that everyone needs to make a complaint sometimes, but some of these customers do have ridiculous complaints, or are a bit rude. What do you think of Ben Palmer’s pranks? Are they funny or just plain mean?

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