13 Everyday Objects With An Awesome Twist

Power outlets, doorknobs and baby strollers are the kinds of ordinary objects that we see everyday. They’re so standard that you probably don’t actively notice them anymore, unless you’re about to use them. However, it’s amazing what a little modification can do. These 12 everyday objects have a special twist which takes them from ordinary to extraordinary! We’re sure that you’ll want to own at least a handful of these. We know we sure do. In fact, we’d take the lot! Check it out!

Because people in wheelchairs have babies, too.

Finally! A toothpaste tube you can get all the toothpaste out of!

For kids and parents who like to have fun together!

These stairs have a wheelchair ramp built right into them. 

Now, an easier way to watch TV in bed!


This awesome outlet can double as a night light and makes it easier to plug things in when it’s dark.

And, what about an easy to remove plug that glows so you know it’s still plugged in?!

This glass door knob allows you to get a small glimpse of what’s happening in the next room.

This coffee table is also the perfect den for a kitty.

Burrito your belongings in this awesome tortilla carry case.

This cool set of bunk beds has built in shelving!

This cleverly designed bottle makes us wish we drank vodka.

This bendy bike is easier to lock and harder to steal!

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