15 Creative And Totally Cool Ice Cubes To Help You Get Your Drink On In Style


Anyone who likes to have an occasional drink understands that ice is an essential, especially if you want your drink to be as tasty and refreshing as possible. If you are willing to make the effort it's possible to create a variety of special ice cubes themed to whatever type of alcohol you happen to be drinking. Keep your cool, and try out some of the 15 creative ice cubes, below! Take a look!


Use these mint ice cubes for the perfect mojito.


Add ice cubes made from chocolate for the most divine 'White Russian' you can imagine!


The perfect finishing touch to any 'Caesar' or 'Bloody Mary'… celery!

'Jello' ice cubes with alcohol. Delicious!


Make these cubes out of chai tea, for an iced tea that's out of this world! You can even add vodka for an extra hit.


Mini popsicles are great for kids, and adults love them when some alcohol is added.


Peanut butter cups can be made in ice trays. Instructions here.



This one is awesome for the kids but if you want to make it more 'adult' soak the gummy worms in vodka first!


Frozen yogurt cubes make for a boozy treat.


Soak the strawberries in alcohol before freezing them like this!


There is no better way to cool your wine than with more wine! This also works well when you want to add wine to sauces.


Flowers (make sure they're edible first) can add a splash of creative color to your special drinks!


Irish up your coffee with alcohol and then freeze it for a delicious treat.


Freeze berries and add to any drink!


Freeze lemon juice for the perfect pairing to any lemon-based cocktail.

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