13 Absolutely Crazy Beauty Products From Japan

The Japanese have long been known for their innovation and ability to create interesting things. Many Japanese inventions are rather off the wall and this includes the country’s latest beauty products! The Japanese have got a beauty gadget to fix just about any problem you can think of, from a not-quite-straight nose, to sagging cheeks and wrinkly necks. Although we must say, that some of these beauty enhancing products out of Japan seem to resemble torturing devices! Here are 13 of the craziest Japanese beauty products we could find! Check it out!

This face hammock is designed to prevent sagging cheeks!

This facial massager is supposed to prevent wrinkles and sagging!

This weird mask is actually a face exerciser. It’s to improve muscle tone and prevent sagging!

This pillow promises to give you the perfect bum, simply by sitting on it!

This nose straightener looks just like a device of torture…

…and this, also to straighten your nose, looks even worse!

How about a vibrating paw massager like this one?

This is what’s known as a ‘face lift bra’!

Banish a wrinkly neck with this fake neck!

Here’s a tongue exerciser, which is supposed to help lift your cheeks and neck!

Cover your nose with this, and say goodbye to blackheads!

Now you can dry your wet hair as you walk!

This strange device is supposed to help you slim down your face!

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