15 Awesome Fashion Hacks All Women Need To Know


If you adore fashion and have some items in your wardrobe that you simply can't throw away but have a few issues, you have found the perfect post! That cool pair of pants which has the stuck zipper can, and will be, like new again with one of these 15 awesome fashion tips! Or, how about that vintage jacket that smells a bit funny? We have a solution for that too! Whatever the problem, take a look below and find out how to fix it! You'll be glad you did!


If you need to pack a suit, find out how here!


Shaving cream is excellent for dissolving stubborn makeup stains on clothes.


Musty-smelling clothes are a thing of the past once you've sprayed them with a mixture of one part vodka and two parts water!


Stuck zipper? No problem! Rub either crayon wax, 'Vaseline' or a graphite pencil over the jam, and the zipper will be working fine again in no time!


If your pants are too tight, keep them out of the dryer! Let them air dry instead and remember to stretch the waist a little while they're damp!



Do you have a dress with a low back but don't have a bra that works with it? Don't worry, you can fix it with the instructions here!


If you don't have time to wash your jeans, put them in the freezer and they'll come out smelling lovely and fresh!


If your sweater is 'pilling' just give it a rub over with a pumice!


Wearing your new leather jacket in the rain will totally break it in.


To fix pants that are too long for you, simply use some iron-on tape! It's so quick and easy!



If your shirt is too big, tie the bottom… It'll look and fit great!


If the dye from your new jeans is transferring everywhere, simply turn them inside out, rinse them a few times with cold water and soak them overnight in a cup of vinegar!



A light spray of hairspray helps preserve a new pair of tights!


Salt water is excellent for softening clothes.


Hand sanitizer is great for getting rid of stains! Simply rub it on the stain and wash it right out.

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