Courtney Brown Transforms This Old Typewriter Into A Creative Sculpture

Artist Courtney Brown has given a new lease of life to an old typewriter in a very unique way. You see, this unwanted ‘Underwood’ has now become… an octopus! It might sound a bit strange but the piece, titled ‘Self Organization’, is so creative and awesome. The Oakland-based artist created this sculpture for the ‘San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s’ (SLOMA) ‘California Sculpture Slam’.

The tentacles added to the typewriter are sculpted with bronze, and everything but the suckers are painted black, which matches in well with the rest of the Underwood. Brown has created lots more awesome sculptures, so if you like this, then be sure to check out more of her work! Now, let’s take a look at this ‘type-topus’!

Source: Courtney Brown