14 Awesome Images Of Illustrations Combined With Everyday Objects Showing Inspiration Is Everywhere – Part 1

Many of us struggle at various times in life to find inspiration. This could be work related, artist’s block, or maybe just as simple as hitting a halt in general life. 18 year old artist and illustrator Kristian Mensa from Prague wants to show people that inspiration is all around them. He does this by creating awesome illustrations that incorporate everyday items. We love that even his simplest drawings are still super clever. Take a look at Kristian’s talent below and see what you think!
Website: Instagram

Avocado Mouse

Big Ben

Brush Hedgehog

Candy Vs. Workout



Darts With A Palm Tree

Leaf Banana

Ladder To The Sky

Kiwi But Not Really

I Should Be Cutting The Grass But Instead I’m Painting

Good Sleep Fixes Everything


Feather Unicorn


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