These Interesting Confessions From Married Couples That Don’t Want Children Will Surprise You

If you’ve got kids, or know for sure that you want them in the future, it may seem strange to you that there are people out there who categorically do not want children. You might presume they will change their minds, or that they don’t understand what they’re missing. But, the fact of the matter is, it really isn’t anyone else’s business! You’ll find that many people who openly admit to not wanting children often receive quite a lot of negative reactions and judgments. Here we have a list of interesting confessions from married couples who don’t want children that will leave you shocked and surprised. Take a look!
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A little education would go a long way with some people!

Why are people always so sure they know other people better than they know themselves?

Well, it’s good to be on the same page as your partner.

That is one hell of a guilt trip!

If you’re happy and content, don’t change for anyone else!

Those people were clearly narrow minded.

How is it selfish to not do something with your own body?!

Mum and grandma can think what they like, it’s husband and wife’s decision!

It’s interesting how different the treatment this couple would have received had they been unable to conceive rather than choosing not to.

Good. Don’t let people bring you down!

Life can be hard sometimes.

Each to their own!

Hopefully he remembers!

Isn’t it crazy how many married couples are ridiculed for not wanting children? It’s their lives, their bodies and their choices! Children should only be brought into safe and happy situations where they can be cared for, not forced into life because of pushy family members! It’s actually sad that these poor couples have faced backlash simply for making a decision they are perfectly entitled to do so. Let this post remind us all to think before we speak. Keep going for more surprising confessions!

Unfortunately regret often occurs when it’s too late. Have a long hard think about what you want in life!

Nieces and nephews are great. You get all the fun and get to hand them back over to their parents after!

It amazes us, also.

Why do people need to understand? It’s nothing to do with them really…

This is upsetting for the parents but that’s no reason to bring a child into the world!

Some mother in laws really think they run the town!

This lady knows for sure how she feels!

This is one cautious couple!

Negativity is the worst thing to live with daily!

This is nice!

We hope this person got the outcome they wanted.

‘Thrilled’ probably isn’t the most sensitive word to use, but we get what this lady is trying to say.

Fair enough!