It’s really sad when you think about how many dangerous and bad people there are in our world. There’s never a shortage of tragic stories which is why it’s so important to have your wits about you, especially when traveling on your own. Here we have a handy list of tips and tricks that might just save your life one day. Five minutes of your time now could mean many more years available to you later on. Take a look, memorize as many as you can and pass this post on to others to spread awareness!

Learn how to break free from zip ties with this handy video.

If possible, pull on your attacker’s ear. This is extremely painful and will hopefully give you a chance to escape.

Be quick on your feet. A moving target is much more difficult to subdue.

Learn how to perform a proper headbutt. Aim for your attackers nose, this action can do more damage than a punch or a kick if done correctly.

If you like jewelry like the item below, great! Pieces like this double up as a weapon.

Always head towards a public place if you feel threatened.

If you are being attacked in your home, always head for the kitchen where you have access to weapons such as knives.

Learn some of these pressure points!

If you are attacked in an elevator push as many buttons as possible so that the doors are more likely to open as you climb or decline. 

It is extremely worthwhile to take a self defense class.

It sounds a bit silly but a pony tail is much easier for an attacker to grab than loose hair. You might find you lose a chunk of it, but that’s better than being kidnapped, so wear your hair down when you can.

Kick your attacker in the knees like so, then run!