14 Seriously Spooky Cocktails That Are Perfect For Halloween Parties


When it comes to cocktails, the possibilities are practically endless! And it's always fun to whip up drinks that revolve around a theme. We think Halloween is the perfect excuse to try out a range of different liquid concoctions… ones that are seriously spooky. Whether it's downing a shot that resembles a brain hemorrhage, or tipping back a 'witches' brew' that's as tasty as it is putrid-looking, the following list has something to suit every ghoul's taste. Bring your party back from the dead and indulge in some adult Halloween fun! Take a look!


Pina Ghoulada


Brain Hemorrhage


Purple People Eater


Hocus Pocus Fizz


Mr. Hyde Potion


Frankenstein's Monster


Vampire Cocktail



The Gravedigger


Witches' Brew


The Devil's Margarita


Black Magic Halloween Cocktail


Polyjuice Potion


Beetlejuice Cocktail


Black Widow Shot

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