15 Bedroom Closet Hacks You Need In Your Life


There is nothing worse than getting out of bed bleary eyed in the morning, walking over to the closet and uncovering a scene which looks as if it was hit by a tornado! Having a well organized bedroom closet can cut so much hassle out of your life, not to mention lots of time too! Below you will find 15 examples of easy ways to organize your closet.


Make your own handy accessories hanger!


Cubbies placed inside a closet are great for easy shoe storage and access too!


A pegboard makes an amazing organizer for scarves, belts, jewelry and bags.


Folded clothes can be organized and kept in place with shelf dividers.


Hammer nails into the wall to display your favorite necklaces and to choose which to wear with ease!


IKEA multi-purpose hangers have a billion and one uses!


Color code your closet so items are easier to find.


Picture frames are great for displaying accessories in an eye catching way.


Pull out shelves just like in the pantry are excellent for use in the bedroom too!



A sliding pants rack in the closet is so handy, especially when you are in a rush.


Mount a metal shoe organizer on the back of a door for a handy way to store scarves and shoes.


Hang clothes by category with shortest lengths on the top rail.


Consider installing a built in iron in your closet. Find it here.


Label drawers and containers to keep things organized.


Plan plan plan! It may sound boring, but carefully planning your closet ensures a stress-free morning when getting ready for the day ahead!