17 Christmas Crafts Kids Will Love – Part 2


Christmas is the perfect time to get kids to enjoy some wholesome craft activities. It will occupy them while they're off school, but it will also help them to get in that festive spirit… although most children don't need much help to get excited by Christmas time! It's always nice to have decorations that your kids have made, and many of the craft ideas below are the kind of items that you might end up keeping for a lifetime.

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These festive matchboxes are adorable, and also handy for hiding tiny treats or presents in!


These wire tree ornaments are just beautiful.


These stunning ornaments contain their own miniature winter wonderlands.


This simple craft is made with toilet roll tubes.


Old keys make the most precious snowmen you've ever seen.


This reindeer family is made from terracotta pots.


These pompom ornaments are easy to make, but super cute.


Making a play tree out of felt will help keep the little ones away from the real tree.



With a little adult supervision, kids can easily make these plastic bottle snowflakes.


This shipping palette Christmas tree is an unusual and creative craft for kids. 


Anything that combines crafts and puns is fine by us!


These cut out hand print reindeers are amazingly straightforward.


No one else on the block will have one of these fuzzy reindeer wreaths. 

This felt and button ornament will look amazing hanging on your tree.


This is a great way to upcycle an old, worn out bauble. 


Another creative use of old buttons. 


Recycling used bottles has never been so fun!

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