16 Couples That Will Restore Your Faith In True Love


Most of us have no problem conjuring up the memory of our very first true love. Yet hardly any of us actually end up staying with that person forever. Fickle, young hearts are prone to change, meaning that schoolyard romance isn't statistically likely to last more than a semester or so. That's the cynic's view, at least. Heartwarmingly, there are definitely couples out there bucking the trend. High school sweethearts can actually end up marrying each other, and enjoying long-lasting happiness together. Like the 16 cute-as-pie couples you see below. Check them out! 


Ten years passed and all that's different is she's now not wearing braces!


Were these two actually kissing the whole time?


From prom night to wedding day… how cute!


Growing old together.


Same couple, different beach.


Caring for one another throughout time…



Cute couple.


One wedding led to another.


What a gentleman!


This relationship has stood the test of time.


Cute, cute, cute!


This couple aged so well!


The football player and the cheerleader… together then, and now.


Check out how their style has evolved!


Thirty one years later, and they finally said 'I do'.


Same pose, but now it's a wedding!

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