Kate Kato Creates Lifelike Fly Agaric Sculptures From Fully Reclaimed Materials


Can you believe the life sized sculpture below is made from book pages, wire, fabric and old upholstery? This amazingly lifelike fly agaric and fern sculpture is created solely from recycled materials and it looks amazing. England-based Kate Kato used reclaimed wood and an old demi-john to house her sculpture and not one single item in her display cost her any money whatsoever.


The leaves of the ferns were completely drawn and cut by hand and were attached to wire stems. The caps of the mushrooms were created from fabric scraps attached to old cotton fabric and the gills on the underside were make from an old book. Even the 'woodland floor' was created from old chair upholstery and a skirt which was no longer wanted. It just goes to show you that one persons trash is another persons treasure!
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