This Adorable Cat Loaf Might Be Too Cute To Eat


A ‘Catloaf’ is the name given to that position cats often take where they tuck all their legs underneath themselves, taking on a shape not unlike a loaf of bread. In homage to this unique cat quirk, Yorkshire baker Lou Lou P decided to make a literal catloaf, made of actual bread, and the thing is too cute for words. She also baked a batch of kitten rolls, which are equally adorable. Even if you’re not a cat-lover, you’d be hard pressed not to look at these little guys and “aww”. If you like these bread cats, then be sure to check out some more of Lou Lou P’s weird and wonderful creations, which range from a naked mole rat made of sugar to ‘Game of Thrones’ cake pops. 

Website: Lou Lou P’s Delights

We can’t believe how adorable this snoozing Catloaf is, not to mention her kittens! We’re not sure we’d be able to eat her without feeling bad! What do you think about this cute Catloaf? Would you have a slice? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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