22 Creative Furniture Ideas For Cats


Let's face it, if you have cats, then you'll know more than anyone that really they own you instead of the other way round! If there's nothing that you wouldn't do for your cute little fur babies, then why not think about getting them one of these awesome pieces of furniture? Some of them are designed just with cats in mind, whereas others do have dual-purposes, so that you and your kitty can exist in harmony.

There's something for every cat here, whether they're the kind who likes to hide away in the smallest possible spot or lord it over you from the highest place in the house. Any of these would make a great gift for that special cat in your life, and some of them look awesome as pieces of furniture in their own right, even before you consider that your kitty will love them, too. 


The Cat Grass Table


The Radiator Cat Bed


The Cat Side Table


The Kitty Bathroom


The Cat-Human Rocking Chair


The Cat Play Desk


The Miniature Cat Bedroom


The Cat-Friendly Bookshelves


The Tunnel Sofa


The Cat Bridge


Cat Scratch Board Table



The Coffee Table Hammock


The Cat Tunnel System


Teepee Cat Playhouse


Find it here: Teepee Cat Playhouse


The Cat Bed Planter


The Scratchable Infinity Bed


The Cat Egg Bed


The Kitty Playground


The Shark Bed


Find it here: Shark Bed For Pets


Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves


The Cozy Burger Bed


Outdoor Catwalk


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