Shark Bed For Pets


This shark bed for pets will have peoples ''jaws'' dropping thinking your pet is being eaten.. When in reality your pet has made the kill and is now using the carcass as its shelter! In all seriousness this bed is very comfortable and easy to wash making it a must have. Give your pet the bed it deserves!

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  1. Teresa Cozzi

    shark bed!!

  2. Valentin Zaharia

    Hei there ! Cool product ! I would like to suggest to the developer of this product that they could make the hall a bit smaller and the rubber teeth made of rubber and kind of sticky (just like one of those gloves for rubbing and removing the hair off cats) so when the cat goes in and out the little house actually leaves some of the hair over there and not on all the carpets and sofas in the house 😉

  3. Clarissa Vargas


  4. Hélène Chevrette

    now Kitty would look awesome coming out of that thing…

  5. Tracy Laraway

    for you megan

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