Artist Ardan Ozmenoglu Creates Beautiful 3D Trees Using Painted Glass


Turkish artist Ardan Ozmenoglu focuses on redefining everyday objects into incredible 3D sculptures using materials such as paper and glass. To make these beautiful tree sculptures, the artist used row upon row of glass which she painstakingly hand-painted. One row by itself seems just to be an abstract form of art however when all are put together they become something incredible which looks completely different to the viewer depending on where they stand.


The artist said to 'My Modern Metropolis' of her work,

"Whether commenting on the historical durability or transience of an image or sculpting with such fragile media as wire, glass slides, or tree branches, my approach to my art and its sources has been and will always be contemporary in the extreme: my investigation into image coexists with esthetic gestures that challenge, provoke, and invite."

Website: Ardan






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