Carl Warner’s Amazing Foodscapes Will Make Your Mouth Water Like Never Before


When you see these magical landscapes, you'll want to pay them a visit. However, there's a legitimate reason why you'll never be able to, they're miniatures made entirely from food. British photographer Carl Warner started out his career shooting landscapes and still lifes, and he has combined these two interests in a bizarre way to create these gorgeous foodscapes. Apart from a few post-processing effects (such as adding in stars, smoke or beams of light), these images aren't photoshopped at all. Instead, Warner meticulously crafts, stages and lights for these scenes so that they almost look real. Some of these landscapes are based on real places, like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal, whereas others comes straight from Warner's excellent imagination. 

Website: Carl Warner





Warner states that over the years he has learnt which foods hold up best to being staged and photographed for several hours, and which are more likely to wilt or oxidize. For instance, hardy curly kale is a staple. He has also gotten more adventurous with his cooking than he was before he started creating these foodscapes.





Eager to prevent waste, Warner tries to make sure that all the food he uses gets eaten after shooting. Occasionally some items have to be glued or pinned and aren't able to be eaten, but otherwise he or his crew take the food home, or it's donated to a local homeless shelter.









These photos are so amazingly detailed that you can hardly believe everything in them is edible. Warner also manages to create worlds that spark your interest and imagination. Now, when can we move into that candy cottage?