15 Of The Most Brutal Responses To Exes

Not all relationships end badly. However, for many of you reading this, a terrible ex (or five) will spring to mind as you read through these images. There’s nothing more annoying than when you see that dreaded name or number pop up. Some will choose to ignore such pestering, but others like to have a little fun with the situation. Here we have 15 of the most brutal responses to exes. Take a look, there’s some genius stuff included! 

Don’t you just hate it when people ‘hey babe’ you as if everything is okay?

‘My mom is so exited for me’! Wow, that must have cut so deep!  

Some people struggle to sum up their feelings, and then there’s people like this…

For when words simply aren’t enough. 

We need to find out the name of this pizza place! 

Brutal Responses To Exes fish taco


A common recommendation for the best places for exes to visit! 

This person makes an excellent point. 

Brutal Responses To Exes how am i supposed to forget


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For when the polite ‘sorry I missed your call’ just isn’t even worth it. 

Brilliant! Simple but savage. 

Brutal Responses To Exes ive been called worse


Ain’t nobody got time for losers. 

Brutal Responses To Exes long time no talk


We have genuinely never seen cliche spelled so terribly. 

This one’s old, but forever a classic. 

Brutal Responses To Exes never find someone like me


You’re welcome. 

We love the casual undertones to this huge insult!

Too little too late, bye! 

Brutal Responses To Exes year too late