The Youngest Ever People To Get Portraits By Photographer Christian Berthelot


Newborn babies are usually photographed all wrapped up in blankets, looking relatively cute, depending on how wrinkled up they are! However, photographer Christian Berthelot has done something new and different and produced a series of unflinching, raw portraits of children taken literally seconds after their C-section deliveries. The results may be considered disturbing to some, or be hard to look at, but they are still amazing. Berthelot became interested in photographing newborns after the birth of his son. With the help of a doctor at the hospital where his son was born, he began training that would eventually allow him to take photographs in the operating room. After six months he began approaching expectant mothers. He has since taken photographs of 40 C-section deliveries. His work, named 'Cesar' is on display at the Circulations festival in Paris until March 5th, 2015. 

Website: christianberthelot


Romane, 8 seconds after birth.


Chloe, 11 seconds after birth.


Margaux, 7 seconds after birth.


Lize, 9 seconds after birth.


Louann, 14 seconds after birth.


Mael, 18 seconds after birth.



Kevin, 13 seconds after birth.



Steven, 15 seconds after birth.

Liza, 3 seconds after birth.


Leanne, 13 seconds after birth.

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