It Took 12 Years To Fix Up This Patio After A Tornado Struck But It Was Totally Worth The Wait

About 15 years ago, this family built an arbor and brick patio in their backyard. Then, just a few years later, the place got trashed by a tornado and has been covered in junk and brush ever since. About 12 years after the tornado struck, they finally decided to do something and give a new lease of life to the patio area. While it’s an awfully long amount of time to procrastinate for, we do think it was ultimately worth the wait. Check it out!

Here’s the before shot.

First thing to do was clear off the brush and dirt. It took a couple of weeks to do.

When they were done they knocked a hole in the patio. What?!

Okay, there seems to be method to their madness, but what are they building?

It’s starting to take shape, whatever it is.

Oh, we think it might be….

Yes, it’s a fire pit! Perfect for gathering around on chillier evenings. 

Looking good!

And it’s done! You can hardly believe that this is the same area as it the first picture. Amazing!