40 Children That Look So Much Like Their Parents It’s Scary

It’s totally natural for children to look a little, or a lot, like their parents. When you’re young you get pretty used to people looking you over and telling you that you have the same eyes as your dad or hair just like your mom. Some people say these things even when they aren’t true! That’s formalities for you! However, there are some families who bear much more than a slight passing resemblance to one another. Take a look at the below photos and see just how much these kids look like one of their parents! The resemblances are uncanny!

It’s no secret that today’s society is overrun with technology. One of the most common things used each day is a smartphone. So many people don’t bother printing out photos anymore and everything is just snapped on a mobile phone and then stored digitally on places like Facebook. We urge you all to make hard copies of your most cherished photos as before you know it, you end up deleting and replacing photos then regretting it later. Look how wonderful the old school photos in this post look! 

So many of these photos have blown us away! Isn’t it incredible how identical some of these family members look? It’s crazy that even after introducing a whole new person’s DNA that the resulting child can still be a spitting image of just one parent. It’s also incredible that in some cases it goes even further than this. There are a few grandchild/grandparent comparisons in the mix that are also mind blowing! The way DNA works and why we are the way we are will always baffle us! 

We would be curious to see what the future generations of these families turn out like. We’re sure for some of them the trend of looking similar would continue on! Hopefully in 20 years or so people can upload new comparison photos. We think looking identical to a parent is a pretty awesome thing and it must be particularly special for those who lost their parents at a young age/before birth to look at. Keep going to see our final set of images showing lookalike family members! 











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