Double Umbrella

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No more fighting for the most cover, with this two person umbrella it makes walking in the rain easy! 6ft in width and 3ft in length.

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  1. Allie Sebree

    Ephraim Kelemu.. so many things on the internet we need!

  2. Matthew Silas

    This is a must. Keep shoulders dry!
    IG: matthewsilas

  3. Tina Marie Smith


  4. Jovanna Ledesma


  5. Jamie Wade Beardsley

    I really need this in my lifeee… Chloe Sismey

  6. Chris Glynn

    AKA the Dumbrella.

  7. Sharon Briggs

    Need one for Glastonbury, for mself and Maria, just incase we have a little shower lol.

  8. Samuel Nicholson


  9. Robert Bailey Mmc

    Emma Louise Bailey <3 😛

  10. Harry Loserpants

    for the perfect partners.

  11. OneofakindMomma SweetestYankee


  12. Lycan Ink

    Wouldn't work for me, I'm 5"ft 5 and my boyfriend is 6"ft 7 lol.

    • Karren Robbins

      let him hold the umbrella and you walk beside him?

  13. Felicia Smith

    Great invention

  14. Carmen Kaw

    Mike Lee, Kristal Charen Sidamon, like it much?

  15. Jules Brown

    Great idea

  16. Susan MacDonald

    Ruth Noble and Sean Davies! xx

  17. Michel Bourget

    Très bonne invention !

  18. Kelly Rowlands

    I want 1

  19. Brenton Crook

    This is a great idea for those of us in wheelchairs that want to get in and out of our cars when its raining.

  20. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    That is how umbrellas should be made.

  21. Douglas D. Miranda

    Where you can these be purchased. I've clicked on the "more info" button and it takes me to a web page "Hammacher Schlemmer" and the Double Umbrella is not listed on the site. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    • Roger Ruth Ingmire

      They havr

    • Roger Ruth Ingmire

      Sorry they have them listed on Amazon.

  22. Tina Thomas Huggins

    I think this would be kewl for a parent and child. It would make it so much easier to stay dry especially when they want to hold it and don't worry about you only themselves lol.

  23. Olubusayo Ladelokun


  24. Eman Gamal

    let's stick together like REALLY stick together -_-

  25. Charlton Muggeridge

    I want one 😛

  26. Chris Liley

    Great idea

  27. SherryandRodney Simmons

    Y has it taken so long to come up with this one

  28. Olivia Lee

    first of all, i have to get myself a boyfriend…………..

  29. Melissa Jeffries

    wouldn't work in Alaska because of the high winds

  30. Trevor EmoCasper Austin

    Make a TrippleBella and MAYBE i'll buy it, one in the back.

  31. Trina Marie Slippery

    i walk with my blind brother and this would be perfect when it rains….he will put his hand on my shoulder…

  32. Trina Marie Slippery

    i walk with my blind brother and this would be perfect when it rains….he will put his hand on my shoulder…

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