These Images of Animals “Melting” Will Warm Your Heart

We all love looking at cute little animals. There’s something about seeing those tiny helpless critters that brings out our caring side. An aspect that is only enhanced when we see funny photos of creatures that are seemingly melting before our eyes. They’re so cute we want to squish them even further!  If you’ve ever seen images online of Japanese hamsters flattening themselves, you’ll have marveled at just how on earth they manage to make themselves so small. Take a look at these photos of animals that seem to actually be melting and let us know what you think in the comments.

He had a heavy night.

What’s up with this guy?

This owl has lost the will to keep on going.

Aww. We love those little splats. 

He looks so cute sitting there all by himself!

These ducks are dissolving.

We’re loving that face!

We’re sure there was a dog there.

He’s had a hard life.

He’s dissolving!

He’s deflating!

Who poured the cat onto the floor?

What a cutie!

A melting bird!