illusion Side Table

This simple yet beautiful illusion side table appears as though its floating in mid air when actually the table cloth is solid an acts as the legs to the table. Certainly a head turner!



  1. Clare Davidson

    I want one of these… How gorgeous!

  2. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    I want this(2).

  3. Ray Knitterman Whiting


  4. Jaslynn Price

    I want it!!!!!!

  5. Starr Murphy

    I want this 2

  6. Marko Trivunovic


  7. Lola Bee

    Must have xD

  8. Corrina Stoker

    I want this table.

  9. Scarlet Mephistopheles

    Then get this table.

  10. Scarlet Mephistopheles

    then get it

  11. Scarlet Mephistopheles

    get it

  12. Scarlet Mephistopheles

    kool so get it

  13. Daniel Dawn Alba


  14. Katie Williams

    thats awesome

  15. Ross Hildick

    must pay

  16. Jam Willy

    I need this

  17. Shana Clarke

    got this in hollister in exeter.

  18. Liz Blaha

    Hi there, who is the manufacturer of this? If it is a company I may have a design you would be interested in. Thanks

  19. Adam Fahn

    No, it's a table

  20. Sara Wheeler


  21. Rob Jacob

    Kinda neat. I wonder how it holds up?

  22. Leia Edmonds

    omg serious

  23. Donna Edwards Spitzer

    I can just picture in my mind, Using this table for my PartyLite display…Awesome !!!!!!

  24. June Sylvia Bailey

    how come when i get into looking at the table properly its over £100 + pounds not £99 + pst??? i think its a rip off not giveing the true price up front

  25. Janice Miller

    That's a big appple or a small table…think it is the latter!!!!!!

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