13 Comics That Show The Day To Day Struggles Of A Modern Woman


Even if your life is pretty great on the whole, there are always issues that you face on a day to day basis. These can be almost anything, from not being able to stop procrastinating to feeling ridiculously tired but, come bedtime, not being able to sleep. Although everyone has their individual issues, the struggles that modern millennial women face are likely to be similar to those of their peers yet different from the struggles of other groups. Therefore, if you’re a young woman living life today, we think you’ll relate to these thirteen comics from Hannah Hillam. Check them out!



Just one tiny break…..


When you can’t avoid that social event.


Why does your body betray you like this?!


One more argument to add to the “never having kids” pile.


Living the dream!


If you add “write list” to your list, at least you can tick one item off it.


It gets less and less amusing as the day goes on.


When you pick the most inappropriate bedtime reading.


The best thing is that you’re an adult so you can do what you want.


Who can be bothered, really?


We think each and every one of us can relate…


Sometimes binge watching isn’t even a choice.


When you can do everything in life except make a phone call without getting panicky.

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