Acrobat Couple Tie The Knot In 38 Different Destinations


All that planning for your big day, and yet, when it comes, it's over in a flash. Not so, for one couple, who have chosen to travel the world, getting married in as many places as they can. The couple, Cheetah Platt and Rhian Woodyard are from LA and got engaged last year. But, like many couples, they struggled on choosing a destination and theme for their wedding. To get around this little problem, they decided on a rather outrageous solution… why not tie the knot in as many places throughout the world as possible? After both being officially ordained so they are able to marry each other anywhere they go, the couple, who are both professional acrobats (making their wedding photos all the more spectacular) set off for their first wedding on February 8th. So far, they've been married in India, Thailand, Kenya, Ireland and Spain, among many other countries. With the help of wedding fund donations, the couple is currently set to marry 38 times in 83 days. Check out their amazing wedding photos below. And if you feel like donating to their dream trip, you can do so here




Bolyekarrigeen Stones, Ireland. 


Ajanta Caves, India.


Masai Mara Village, Kenya.


Bangkok, Thailand (left) and Masai Mara Village, Kenya.


The Giraffe Center, Nairobi.


Spain (left) India (right).



Mumbai, India.


Segovia, Spain.




Bangkok, Thailand.




Bogota, Colombia.


Madrid, Spain.


Flying off to another destination!

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