Elephants Love To Be Part Of A Family And These Photos Prove It By Photographer Wolf Ademeit


Did you know that elephants are incredibly emotional creatures who love their families just like we do? They express delight at the birth of a newborn, mourn together when one of their fellow gentle giants dies, and when they play, it is with true joy, as well as with intelligence. All the more reason why it's so heartbreaking that poachers have depleted elephant stocks to the point where the species is seriously under threat. Below, photographer Wolf Ademeit lends his glorious pictures of elephant love to raise awareness of their plight. It is hoped these images will help to spur people to give money that will help buy radio collars to save Virunga National Park's 200 remaining elephants from evil poachers. The park is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Just one collar can save a whole elephant family. Check out these gorgeous photographs and donate here today!

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