18 Winter Life Hacks to See You Through Until Spring


Sometimes it can seem like winter is endless and it will never be warm again. Not only is the cold annoying, depending on where you live, there are all sorts of extra tasks to worry about during winter, such as shoveling snow and de-icing your car. Bar moving to a tropical climate, there's no way of avoiding it, but these life hacks can make your winter that little bit easier.


Never sit on a cold toilet seat again!


Remove pilling from winter sweaters with a razor



Mommy Savers


Put cooking oil on your snow shovel to make the job easier.


Make your own warm insoles.



Maya Made


Keep your winter boots upright with cut off pool noodles.


Shoes aren't waterproof? Put plastic bags inside your socks to keep your feet dry.


Park facing east and the rising sun will help to de-ice your car.



The Sun

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