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15 Awesome Rubber Band Hacks You Wish You Knew


We all have rubber bands lying around the home. Generally, they end up in piles just gathering dust. Well not anymore! We have collated 15 examples of awesome new uses for the humble rubber band. Whether you fancy a French manicure or you're looking for a way to mark peoples drinks for parties, there will be plenty of cool hacks to try out. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.


Doing a lot of reading or studying? Attaching a rubber band to your finger helps you turn pages with ease.



rubber band protects glasses in dishwasher


Do your best wine glasses keep getting broken in the dishwasher? Secure them with rubber bands.


Give yourself the perfect French manicure every time by using a rubber band as a guide.


Attaching rubber bands to the end of your hangers ensures your clothes never slip off!


A rubber band attached to your chopping board makes it non slip.


Rubber bands are also awesome paint drip catchers.


Keep those pot lids in place when moving food around.


Repurpose your rubber bands as decorative stamps


Making rubber stamps is a creative use for them.


Attach decorative bands to your power cords for easy identification!


Got a stubborn jar which just won't budge? Use a rubber band for an excellent grip!



Winding a long, thick rubber band around your door handles keep them open while you're in and out.


When packing, wrap your clothes tightly with rubber bands to ensure they fit into your case.


When throwing a party, place rubber bands around glasses to ensure no one picks up the wrong one.


Pregnant? Or perhaps carrying a little holiday weight? The rubber band is your best friend!


Got a stripped screw that won't budge? Using a screwdriver and a rubber band will get that taken care of in no time!


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