15 Awesome DIY Projects Using PVC Pipe


If you're the kind of person who likes to get crafty and construct your own items for around the house, then you'll love these DIY projects you can make using PVC pipe. It might not seem like the kind of material that would lend itself well to making a range of useful and decorative items, but its actually extremely versatile. Take a look at these 15 items and comment to let us know if there are any that you're going to attempt to make yourself!


This cute, functional laptop holder is simple to make.


There are hours of summer fun to be had with this "kid wash".



Disney Family


This PVC pipe frame looks ridiculously stylish.




PVC pipe fort frame. All you need are some blankets and you're away.



Its Great to be Home


This blow dryer holder is straightforward, but very functional.


This bath toy is beyond amazing.


This gorgeous wreath is perfect for the festive season.

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