de markies Collapsible camper

Camp In Style With One Of These Awesome Collapsible Campers


If you want to make a trip out into the wilderness more civilized, you need to feast your eyes on this amazing collapsible camper! This awesome invention, known as the Markie, was designed by Eduard Bohtlingk and won awards at the recent Urban Campsite festival in the Netherlands. Its amazing collapsible concertina sides mean that you can triple the floor space and create two new rooms when they're folded out. This camper is ideal for any of those among us who love the great outdoors but prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed and have modern conveniences to hand. Check out this cool camper and let us know what you think!



It looks awesome from the outside, and inside it's cozy and comfortable.



Eduard Bohtlingk


The living room area has a clear awning, so you can look outside without being exposed to the elements. You can lift it up, too, but this is great if it's cold or rainy.


There's a fully functional kitchen inside with a hob and an oven, so there's no need to subsist only on meals you can cook on a stick over a campfire.



Eduard Bohtlingk



The sleeping area has real beds: two single and one double. The awning for this side is opaque, for privacy reasons, but you could always pull it up if you wanted to sleep under the stars.



This camper is awesome. We'd love to have one so that we could camp in style!



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