This Old Coffee Table Was Transformed Into Something New And Awesome


It's no secret that we're fans of reusing and recycling old items, so it seems a shame to just throw something out that could be spruced up or given a new lease of life. Well, that's what this person did with this tired old coffee table. It was bought at a flea market for a bargain price, but had definitely seen better days. Instead of passing it over, they took it home and transformed it into something completely new. Have a look at the process and see if you can guess what it's going to be!


Here's the table. You can see it's quite old and past its best.


The transformation begins: the edges of the table are sawn off so that they're flush with the legs.


There's some measuring to be done now. The buttons might give you a clue.


Now a piece of foam is measured and cut to shape.


But, before it's finally attached, there's some drilling action to be completed. Curious!


Next the foam and other padding is attached. It's starting to take shape now. Any guesses what it's going to be?



Now fabric is sown on and those buttons fixed in place.


Nice edging, too!


And, here's the finished piece! A gorgeous ottoman big enough for the whole family to rest their feet on!


What a lovely piece! Who'd have thought it used to be a table so old and damaged that it might have soon been for the junk yard!