christmas ideas

15 Creative Ideas For You To Do This Christmas


Well folks, it's nearly that time of year again! If you just don't have enough hours in the day to prepare for the holiday season then look no further because we've found 15 festive ideas that will ensure your Christmas is a success.
From cool gingerbread Playdoh to a jello shot Christmas tree, there's bound to be something here to suit everyone's tastes!


An old Pringles tin is a wonderful gift container for festive treats.



thumbprint ornament


Young ones will love making these thumbprint decorations with a little paint and imagination.


Jello shot Christmas tree!


These strawberry and cream Santas are almost too cute to eat!



Egg cartons make great containers for delicate ornaments.


Masking tape has a million uses!


Chocolate bar tree!



Festive Cookie Cutter Brownies and Fudge


Cookie cutters make brownies and fudge festive.


A burlap garland makes a tree look quaint and festive.


Wrap lights around the skeleton of a broken umbrella to make an exquisite decoration.


Untidy bookworms will love this.


Wind your lights round a hanger for no more tangles.


Hours of festive fun!


Old aluminum foil cartons make wonderful cookie gift containers.





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