These Hilarious Cat Photobombs Will Make You Laugh

If you’ve ever owned a cat or been owned by one, you’ll know all too well that they love nothing more than getting attention. When they’re in the mood for human company, felines will do virtually anything to get it. Usually, they’ll just rub themselves over your legs or perhaps jump onto your lap for a snuggle. However, when a cat really wants to be noticed, it’s a different story altogether as these images show. In fact, these crazy photobombing cats have taken attention seeking to a whole new level. Take a look. Some of these photos are ‘cat-astrophic’!


“I want in the photo too!”

funny cat photobombs woman cat window


“Look at me human!”


funny cat photobombs trio dogs


“I’m more photogenic than her!”

funny cat photobombs posing girl cat foreground


“But you said I’d get pizza!”


funny cat photobombs pizza dog


“What’s so interesting down there?”

“No one cares about us cats.”

He’s not into romance.

funny cat photobombs married couple cat butt


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