20 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 1


Looking good often takes a lot of hard work and money however with these 50 awesome beauty tips, you will be looking picture perfect in no time and without hurting your bank balance. Did you know that with stuff from around the home such as tea bags and coconut oil you can fix broken nails and even condition your hair?

Here is part 2 and 3:
15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 2
15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 3


Learning how to correctly contour and highlight your face will brighten your features.


Make your eyes the focal point of your face by applying a shimmery shadow to the inner corners and lower lash line.      


eyes pop



Get smoky eyes in seconds by drawing a slanted hashtag and blending with an eyeshadow brush.


Ensure you get a smooth application of nail polish by refrigerating the bottle 15 minutes before use.


Use some eyeshadow and a clean mascara wand to fill in your brows.


Use a toothbrush to add instant volume to your hair.


Did you know that bobby pins are best used wavy side down.


Use blush to suit your face shape


Dabbing Vaseline over perfume locks in the scent.


A dryer sheet rubbed over your hair gets rid of smoky smells.


Line the curve of your lips to make them really stand out.


lipliner cross



Make your own gel liner by holding a lip or eye pencil over a flame for a few seconds!



Get rid of self tan from your hands by using lemon, baking soda and a toothbrush – easy!


Sick of getting lipstick on your teeth? Just stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out to remove the potential hazard!


Make your own tinted moisturizer by mixing bronzer with face cream


Cover breaks in nails with the mesh from a tea bag and then a base coat. Your nail will be good as new again in no time!


It's incredible how easy it is to change your whole look with eyeliner. Practice makes perfect!


A few spoons of coconut oil mixed with warm water and put into a spray bottle will condition hair beautifully.


Here's how to get that gel nail look without the gel!


Style your hair while you're sleeping by using a headband and nothing more! 

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Here is part 2 and 3:
15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 2
15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 3



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